Water Kefir

Water Kefir has a sweeter taste as compared with milk Kefir. But the longer you ferment it, the sweetness will disappear. It also tends to have a slightly fermented flavor.

It has a yellowish or brownish crystal color with a fizzy bubbly appearance. Water Kefir is non-dairy and it can be made with fruit juices, coconut water, organic sugar water or filtered water. Tap water is not used to make water Kefir as the chlorine and fluoride in tap water will destroy the Kefir.

Water Kefir can be used as a base for a variety of fruit gelatine desserts, salad dressings, popsicles, and non-dairy smoothies.

Although water Kefir contains fewer strains of bacteria and yeasts than milk Kefir, it still has far more than yogurt.

Fermented with our Kefir culture and fresh fruits, every bottle has 4 strains of live probiotics which stimulate the growth of good probiotics for your body.


Culvita Fizzy Berry is an awesome combination of great antioxidant fruits. Fizzy Berry is a refreshing sparkling drink with a great delicious berry taste.

Fizzy Berry is a good brew which has and helps to:

  • An Awesome concentrated antioxidant which can prevent or slow the oxidative damage to our body
  • Prevent diseases such as cancer, brain damage , high cholesterol , heart issue and age-related health diseases
  • Anti-Aging effects
  • High folic acid which is vital for everyone
  • Rich in fiber which improve our digestive system
  • Aid in mood functions

GINCLEANSING = Ginger + Tumeric + Lemon

Culvita GinCleansing is no doubt a popular tri-healing ingredients. GinCleansing has a gingery heat taste yet soothing which is light, refreshing and have a delicious Bentong ginger with lemony taste to it.

GinCleansing is a good brew which helps to:

  • Reduce inflammation in our body
  • Improve our digestive system
  • Relieve our stress
  • Boost our energy and metabolism
  • Promotes healthy blood pressure and sugar levels
  • Keeps our body warm in cold temperatures
  • Provide a good dietary antioxidant
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