Gut Bacteria

For the past two decades, scientists have known that gut bacteria, which is home to billions of bacteria in your stomach, is important for mental health, the immune system, and more. One of the most recent gut health studies uses a surprise transplant to investigate how our bacteria influences aging in mice. According to one …

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Culvita’s Probiotics

Culvita Probiotics is The 1st & ONLY ORGANIC PROBIOTICS DRINK IN MALAYSIA AND IS LAB TESTED! All bottles are machine washed with hot water and UV with Machine. Accurate measurements with machines. To know more about our drinks, head on to our website!! https://culvita.com/

The Major Differences of Probiotics, Prebiotics, Paraprobiotics, and Postbiotics.

Let’s enrich our knowledge about the major differences of probiotics, prebiotics, paraprobiotics, and postbiotics (Jamal M.A. Khaled, 2021). 🦠 ✅ Probiotics – Healthful microbial living cells. ✅ Prebiotics – Chemical agents have the ability to stimulate the probiotics. ✅ Paraprobiotics – Dead and inactivated probiotics. ✅ Postbiotics – Beneficial metabolites of probiotics.

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